Games Box


Stash your fun in this box built for games.  The upper layer holds four packs of cards and two sets of dice.  The lower layer gives you space for other bits and bobs

Our hobby boxes are crafted from solid hardwood, sourced locally from near our workshop in the Lake District.  They can be used for all sorts of crafty things; we have suggested a few but the possibilities are endless.

Dimensions 40cm Length x 16.5cm Width x 11cm Height

The lower tray has internal dimensions 37cm Length x 14.5cm Width x 4cm Height with rounded corners.  This Games Box includes a loose items tray, a tray for cards and dice, and a lid with leather handle.

* The contents of the boxes in our photos are for illustration only and are not included

Handle Style


The Boxes

Our Hobby Boxes stack and clip together with neat little steel catches.  In theory you could stack them forever but we recommend a maximum of four layers plus the lid.

Each box layer has a different layout, designed with a hobby in mind.  But with a little imagination they are useful for all sorts of things!  Special treasures, crafts, tools, trinkets, stamps, coins, photos, games, sweet treats…

We make each hardwood Hobby Box from a solid piece of ash, beech or sycamore, sourced from around our workshop in the Lake District.  The wood comes from trees that have been felled due to danger or disease, or have come down of their own accord in storms or for other reasons.  This makes the material the most sustainable we can imagine, having virtually no carbon footprint whilst showcasing the beauty of slow grown English hardwood.

The Lid

A solid hardwood lid with a hand made leather handle.  We worked with Black Sheep Leather, local to us in Kendal, to develop this handle which is carefully dyed and stitched using high quality Italian leather.  Choose from our three styles.

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