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Dear customers, We have decided to pause our shop for a trial period.

The events of this year have for us meant a surge of demand in our other business, in which we make products for the rock climbing industry. Having given it a lot of thought, at this time we feel it is best to focus on one area rather than to divide our time between the two businesses.

We know how much our customers enjoy our products, many of you having purchased from us a number of times. Our products have always been inspired by your ideas and explorations. We are truly grateful for your support over the years, and we are sorry not to be able to provide you with our bespoke products for this period.

We hope to re-launch in a few months with some fresh ideas and a refined range of beautiful map products.


Treasure a memory with a Mini Map.

The Mini Map is a 12cm square wooden map which you can stand on a shelf, stick to the fridge or use as an extra special coaster. Send one to a friend or loved one to remind them of a great day out or a memorable holiday.

Choose any place in the world for the front, and your own message for the back – maybe a Merry Christmas, a few anecdotes or even a poem. It has a removable stand and it’s magnetic too.

£18 for 1  •  £16 each for 2  •  £14 each for 3 or more
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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 cm

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