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A request from my sister; she loves her books… and she has a lot! Moving house meant new space for those many books, and yet sometimes it’s hard to find furniture that fits. Finding a sketch of a design she liked, she threw it over to me along with some dimensions.

I spent some time re-jigging the design on Sketchup, in order to make it “CNC-able”; that is, possible to cut out on our computer controlled router. This process means that once the initial design/CAD work is done, the parts can be cut out many times with the same accurate results. It means less time spent sawing, shaping, manually crafting parts and more time available for creating a beautiful finish.

The result was a large bookshelf, built in two parts. This was simply so that the shelves were manageable – once attached together they appear to be one unit thanks to some nifty half-thickness shelves.

The finishing touch was to wrap them up in Christmas wrapping paper (one and a half rolls) and park the shelves near the Christmas tree. They were such as success that within the same day she commissioned two more sets – she really does have a lot of books! Good job I made them CNC-able and so the production line kicks off once more.

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